CCTW: Clean Coal Technology Centre

Innovative R&D infractructures and laboratories created jointly by Central Mining Institute (GIG) in Katowice and Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal (IChPW) from Zabrze.

Innovative R&D infrastructures and laboratories created jointly by Główny Instytut Górnictwa - Central Mining Institute (GIG) in Katowice and Instytut Chemicznej Przeróbki Węgla - Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal (IChPW) from Zabrze.

The investment was realised from the funds from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the Polish Innovative Economy Operational Programme.

The Infrastructure has been created to form unique research facilities which will lead the R&D works targeted at the development of know-how for the purpose of commercialisation of innovative Clean Coal Technologies (CCT)

The R&D of the CCTW comprises laboratories as well as demo installations thanks to which the Centre can realise basic research as well as conduct R&D and demo works concerning the prospective technologies for utilisation of coal. 

The CCTW infrastructure is accessible to other entities in Poland and in the world on market terms.

The research conducted in CCTW is possible both in the laboratory, large laboratory scale up to PDU which increases the commercial potential of the technologies researched in CCTW.

CCTW (Central Mining Institute (GIG) and Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal (IChPW)) is a member and partner of a new scientific-economic initiative under the title ”Institute – the Freeway of Technology and Innovation” (IATI).

There was a demand for such a Centre: