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Metodyka alokacji obciążeń środowiskowych w ocenie cyklu życia (LCA) - The methodology for allocation of environmental burdens in the life cycle assessment (LCA)

Project realised from the funds of Narodowe Centrum Nauki (NCN).


The aim of the research project is to analyze the applicability of different allocation methods and tools supporting the allocation in a life-cycle assessment.
The project aims to systematize the issue of allocation and identify problem areas that may lead to disparities, as well as to propose a methodology, which will aim to minimize arbitrariness and subjectiv choices.
The objective of the project focuses mainly on the choice of allocation method, the method of modeling depending on the purpose and object of the analysis and audience.
Achieving the objectives of the project will increase the reliability of the life cycle analyses, increase confidence and dissemination of LCA, especially in Poland, where the method is not yet as common as in the world.

Keywords: allocation, life cycle assessment, methodology


dr inż. Anna Śliwińska,  phone: +48 32 259 26 98, e-mail: asliwinska@gig.eu