Centrum czystych technologii węglowych


HTRPL - Development of High Temperature Reactors for industrial applications


Funded by the Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju in the strategic program: " Technologies supporting the developement of safe nuclear energy".


The main objective of the Project is increasing the research and technical potential as well as helping the development of nuclear energy in Poland.

Detailed objectives include:

  • Analysis of the conditions of implementation of the HTR technology in Poland, including the design, construction and starting up of teh first industrial installation in the next few years perspective;
  • Theoretical research on physics and nuclear engineering of the HTR type reactor;
  • Elaboration of the technologies which will enable combining nuclear, hig temperature heat sources with industrial installations, including chemical processes and nuclear-coal synergy.

Główny Instytut Górnictwais responsible for the stage 12 of the project concerning the assessment of the impact of initially overheated gas reagents on the efficiency of the allothermal coal gasification process using the heat from HTR reactor.

Contact person:

dr hab. Adam Smoliński, prof. GIG, leader of Stage 12

Project Website (in Polish):