Centrum czystych technologii węglowych


Laboratory of Deposits Geology and CO2 Storage

Activity area

Documentation of the hard coal deposits for the coal mininh industry as well as for potential utilisation for Underground Coal Gasification. Preparation of hard coal deposits management projects. Performing tasks related to the CO2 geological storage (analysing the geological structures as the potential vessels, computer simulations of the storage process, risk assessment for CO2 storage, etc.) Documentation of methane deposits as the main or the accompanying fossil - the so called Coal Bed Methane (CBM). Assessment of the mining gas migration to the surface in teh result of coal mine abandnement. 

Possible cooperation areas Coal mining, Underground Coal Gasification, Coal Bed Methane (CBM) as well as shalegas and tightgas
Key R&D Equipment

The Laboratory has a number of numerical and simulation tools: Petrel, Eclipse (Blac Oil) (CBM) by Schlumberger, PetraSim (with TOUGH2 simulator), RockWore, Surfer 8, Voxler by Golden Software.

As well as measurement equipment: ECOPROBE 5 for monitoring gas migration.

Contact Person Dr inż. Jarosław CHEĆKO phone: (+48) 32 259 23 72, e-mail: j.checko@gig.eu.
Key words

Hard coal deposits, Coal Bed Methane, Underground Coal Gasification, CO2 geological storage