Centrum czystych technologii węglowych


Laboratory of Eco-efficiency Analyses of Technologies and Products

Activity Area
  • Environmental, financial, economic and social analyses in the whole life cycle of technologies and products (construction, exploitation and abandonment);
  • Complex analysis and assessment of sustainable development;
  • Performing environmental efficiency analysis  of technologies and products applying Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) technique;
  • Performing cost analysis and assessment in the whole life cycle applying Life Cycle Cost (LCC) technique;
  • Performing analysis of the social aspects applying the Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA) technique;
  • Performing financial analysis of investments, broadened by sensitivity and risk analyses;
  • Performing socio-economic analysis based on the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA);
  • Performing analysis and eco-efficiency assessment of technologies and products employing own methodology which integrates environmental and socio-economic analyses;
  • Performing multivariant and multicriterial analysis of technologies and products in order to indicate the most sustainable and eco-efficient ones;
  • Preparing complete application documents for the purpose of obtaining funds from national and international sources;
  • Performing Material Flow Analysis (MFA), Material and Energy Flow Analysis (MEFA) as well as Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA)
  • Performing visualisation of the results of analyses LCA, MFA, MEFA and MFCA for complex technological chains as well as unit processes in the form of Sankey diagrams.
Possible Cooperation Area
  • Preparation of eco-efficiency assessment models for decision support;
  • Preparation of environmental, economic and eco-efficiency assesment methods of respective technologies and products;
  • Elaboration of tools for environmental and economic assessment for the industry;
  • Elaboration of novel methods of multicriterial assessment of technologies and products;
  • Elaboration of business plans;
  • Elaboration of feasibility studies.
Key equipment and software
  • Umberto for Universal with ecoinvent database;
  • SimaPro 8 with ecoinvent database;
  • Oracle Crystal Ball;
  • Matlab;
  • e-Sankey
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Key personnel
  1. Head of the Laboratory: dr hab. inż. Dorota Burchart-Korol, prof. GIG, phone (+48) 32 259 2697, e-mail: dburchart@gig.eu
  2. Mgr inż. Piotr Krawczyk, phone (+48) 32 259 2131, e-mail: pkrawczyk@gig.eu
Keywords Eco-efficiency, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), sustainable development, economic efficiency