Centrum czystych technologii węglowych


Laboratory of Air Protection

Activity Area
  • Measurements of dust-gas emissions to the air;,
  • preparation of applications for introduction of dust and gas to the air in order to obtain decision and assessment of the environmental impact of devices and installations, in particular concerning their impact on the atmospheric air (modelling the migration of pollutants); ),
  • Analysing the concentration of asbestos fibres in the air - environment and workplaces;
  • Analyses of the harmful fators in work environment.
Cooperation Areas Taking air, gas dust and other samples, participation in analyses and experiments, performing measurements and analyses, performing measurements of concentration of pollutants in the air. 
Key Equipment
  • Automatic gravimetric dust meter  P-10 ZA by ZAM Kęty with periferia,
  • Gas analyser MGA-5 by MRU (Germany) - used for measuring the content in gas of: NOx, CO, CO2, SO2, O(reference technology NDIR), as well as for measuring the temperature of gas in the channel applying thermoelectric thermometer, gas analyser Testo 350,
  • bar pressure meter, Miernik ciśnienia barometrycznego, network gas samplers (AS-50)and  SKC gas samplers with various efficiency, gas sampler ASP-I ZAM Kęty, thermo-anemometer, anemometers, laboratory dryer, rotameters, gasometers, analytical scale,
Key Personnel

Dr inż. Krystian Kadlewicz, phone: (+48) 32 2592158, e-mail: kkadlewicz@gig.katowice.pl 

Dr inż. Eugeniusz Orszulik, phone: (+48) 32 2592274, e-mail: eorszulik@gig.katowice.pl

Key words Ecology, protection, pollutants, gas, dust, emission, analyses