Centrum czystych technologii węglowych


Laboratory of Advanced Energy Technologies

Activity Area
R&D Projects
  • ACoPP – Advanced near zero emission Coal-fired Power Plant – KIC;
  • TAB – Take a Breath! – Central Europe;
  • HUGE2 – Hydrogen Oriented Underground Coal Gasification for Europe - Environmental and Safety Aspects – RFCS;
  • COAL2GAS – Enhanced Coal Exploitation through UCG Implementation in European Lignite Mines – RFCS;
  • TOPS –  Technology Options for Coupled Underground Coal Gasification and CO2 Capture and Storage– FP7;
  • Development of coal gasification technology for highly efficient fuel and power production – strategic research program of the National Center for Research and Development;
  • HTRPL – Development of High Temperature Reactors for industrial applications strategic research program of the National Center for Research and Development;
  • Air co-gasification of coal and sewage sludge;
  • Research projects supported with statutory funds for GIG by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education – 2014
Key R&D Equipment
  • High Pressure TGA with MS;
  • Gas Chromatograph Agilent 3000A;
  • FTIR with equipment for gas, liquid i solid samples;
  • TGA with DSC and MS;
  • Gas Sortpion Analyser Autosorb iQ;
  • Graham's Cell;
  • High pressure mini autoclaves stand;
  • High temperature oven up to 1 750°C
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Key Personnel

  1. Head of the Laboratory: dr hab. inż. Natalia Howaniec, phone: (+48) 32 259 2252, e-mail: nhowaniec@gig.eu
  2. Dr Beata Urych, phone: (+48) 32 259 2355, e-mail: burych@gig.eu
  3. Dr Anna Śliwińska, phone: (+48) 32 259 2698, e-mail: asliwinska@gig.eu
  4. Mgr Aleksandra Tokarz, phone: (+48) 32 259 2455, e-mail:  atokarz@gig.eu
  5. Mgr inż. Mariola Gądek, phone: (+48) 32 259 2738, e-mail: mgadek@gig.eu

Key words solid fuels gasification, cogasification of coal and biomass as well as waste, thermal analysis, measurement of surface parameters of solids, process engineering, environmental engineering, chemical processing of coal, catalysts, hydrogen, biomass, innovation, technology transfer, commercialisation