Centrum czystych technologii węglowych


Laboratory of Experimental Installations

Activity Area

R&D in large laboratory scale:

  • simulation of Underground Coal Gasification process;
  • gasification of solid fuels under pressure;
  • direct coal hydrogenation;
  • separation of process gases applying membranes and PSA;
  • combustion of low calorific value gas in gas engine and turbine;
  • the technical, technological and environmental protection related aspects of the UCG process in real conditions.
Possible Cooperation Areas

Preparation of expertises, techno-economic analyses, feasibility studies as well as process designs of gasification and liquefaction of coal.

Key equipment
  • laboratory stands for pressurised and pressureless gasification in reactors simulating coal seam;
  • lboratory stand for pressurised coal gasification with moving bed;
  • laboratory stand for research on direct coal hydrogenation;
  • laboratory stand for research on purification and separation of process gases fromgassification applying membranes PSA method;
  • testing stand for analysis of gas combustion in gas engines and turbines;
  • underground testing range for researching the Underground Coal Gasification process, located in the seam no. 310 and equipped with infrastructure which allows to feed the georeactors with gasification agents as well as product recovery system.
Key Personnel
  1. Head of the Laboratory: dr inż. Krzysztof Kapusta, phone: +48 32 259 27 53, e-mail: k.kapusta@gig.eu
  2. mgr inż. Jerzy Świądrowski, phone: +48 32 259 22 88, e-mail: j.swiadrowski@gig.eu
  3. dr inż. Marian Wiatowski, phone: +48 32 259 23 20, e-mail: : m.wiatowski@gig.eu
Keywords  Underground Coal Gasification, hydrogeneation of coal, purofication and separation of process gases