Clean Coal Technologies Centre (CCTW) in Mikołów

This part of CCTW is located on the premises of the Experimental Mine "Barbara" (KD Barbara) in Mikołów, which is a part of the R&D infrastructure of Główny Instytut Górnictwa - Central Mining InstituteThanks to the availability of the Underground Testing Range in real mine conditions KD Barbara comprises unique, at a global level, research infrastructure.

Laboratory Structure of CCTW in Mikołów 

CCTW in Mikołów comprises the Underground Testing Range infrastructure as well as on-site installations, maily in the PDU scale. The R&D complex allows conducting works on the utilisation of coal deposits applying Clean Coal Technologies. In the CCTW Mikołów the Underground Coal Gasification processes are tested in large-laboratory scale as well as in real mine conditions.


The installations in CCTW Mikołów comprise:

  • module for separation and purification of process gases, in particular targeted at CO2 removal and production of hydrogen as well as preparation of gas for the combustion process;
  • testing stand for researching the gas combustion in gas engines and gas turbines;
  • testing stand for analysis of the process gas for direct coal hydrogeneation;
  • testing stand or coal gasification in fixed and moving bed;
  • underground testing range with the surface of over 300 m2;
  • in the coal bed for development works on varius aspects of Underground Coal Gasification process.